Extra opening Days

We know we have Chichi Fans on the AIDA cruise ships 🚢 When they are in Willemstad, we will open our doors of Chichi Shop Punda on Sundays & Mondays as well. Of course everyone is welcome to use these extra shopping days.

Our limited Edition of the Kussmund will also be available as a souvenir of their cruise. Our shop is within walking distance from the cruise terminal. Cross the famous floating bridge and you will find us there next to the Gomez Plein; Windstraat.

Extra opening days:
12, 25 & 26 December
22, 23 & 29 January
5 & 20 February
5, 6 & 19 March
3 April

On these days we will be open from 10.00 – 18.00.

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