Strong • Proud • Caribbean

Chichi® is a brightly & colorful painted, vibrant female figure. She represents the loving, dynamic and responsible older sister. She is handmade and hand painted in bright Caribbean colors by local craftsmen and painters at Serena’s Art Factory in Curaçao and can be taken home as a delightful souvenir or an original piece of art.

Chichi is the Papiamentu word for ‘big sister’. She represents the eldest daughter of the family, who binds the family together in a loving and caring way. She is a much appreciated female role model in the Caribbean community of today and a very live part of its colorful heritage.

Rooted firmly in Caribbean culture, Chichi® was created by Berlin born artist ‘Serena Janet Israel’. The Chichi® doll definitely has characteristics of the famous Austrian ‘Venus of Willendorf’ sculpture, and the women created by Fernando Botero and Niki de Saint Phalle, but is absolutely a unique personality on her own.