Serena Israel

I believe that art can empower and inspire people and give them motivating jobs to earn a fair income.

Nicole Dookie
Production manager

The learning and growth possibilities are endless.

Zusje – Claudina Fransina
Supervisor production

I love to see lots of colors; colors make your life more beautiful & cheerful!

Esther Beeren
Social Media & Marketing

A flexible & liberal workplace with lots of room to express your own creativity.

Jade Calvenhoven
Allround employee

We are surrounded by colors, nature and animals.

Mervinia Lomp
Production assistent / Control and felt employee

The name of my mother was Chichi. When I heard from Chichi®, I immediately fell in love. I like to paint; my hobby is my work now!

Carmen Gutierez de la Hos
Interior caretaker

Every time you can learn something new, there is always something to do.

Christopher Goede
Tourguide and Production assistent

Artistic work environment with great & patient colleagues and happy creative clients.

Idyolina Monzon
Sales and Production worker

There’s never a dull moment!

Angelique Martina
Sales and Production worker

Every day is different!

Moniek Poulo
Sales and Production worker

I meet people from all over the world and it is fantastic to see them leave our store delighted with a Chichi®.

Sabrina Engelentina
Sales and Production worker

A learning full & stimulating environment where I discover new talents, I didn’t know I had in me. It is a meaningful workplace where your efforts are truly appreciated.

Dádiva Lourens
Sales and Production worker

I have learned a lot while working here and I’m willing to learn more.

Colinda Groenendijk
Sales and Production worker

The place where creativity can grow and blossom.

Chayen Clément
Animal caregiver

I get the freedom to be myself and to be around the animals as their caregiver. Surrounded by great people and nature makes it the ideal place to feel comfortable and at peace.

Robertson Kleinmoedig
Maintenance and Production worker