All about the Chichi® shop with Ginger, the tortoise!

May 11, 2018

Bon biní! You caught us right in the middle of enjoying this nice cool stream of muddy water on this warm and sunny day. My girl, Passion, seems to be too busy with the mud to have a chat, but I, Ginger, will keep you company. Do you know what’s funny? Well, Passion and I were actually Michael’s wedding anniversary to Serena. Chayen and Michael almost bought Serena a pig by accident. I do not understand how they can buy a pig instead of a tortoise by accident… humans do crazy things sometimes. Anyhow, the Chichi® shop has a lot of history, so I guess I’ll start right around 2009 when the demand for the Chichi® sculptures grew, which is when Serena decided to start her shop. Serena… you must know her. Even Passion and I, who are living under our tortoiseshell, know who she is!

Okay, where was I? Yes, in 2009 the water tank for the farmland was turned into the Chichi® shop! Who would have thought!? How do humans do that? Turning a water tank into a small artistic and unique shop? Oh humans, their ideas are out of this world, I am telling you! They made the shop like an explosion of colors! Funny enough, the colors bring a balance in the shop. There are colorful flying undulating shelves designed by Serena. I bet you did not know Serena’s a sailor! The fastening of the shelves gives it away. Next time, make sure to look closely at the details!

If you ever visit the shop, you’ll meet Zusje, Hermine, Alline or Jade. There’s a huge possibility that you’ll also meet Passion and I. If you feel tempted to lift us, I am warning you… we will pee on you, so think twice before you do! Alrighty, we are going to enjoy the rest of our day under these nice bromelia plants and eat some nice fresh fruit. See you around!

by Jade Mambre