FIFA season with Chili Pepper the goat!

Jun 20, 2018

The FIFA World Cup tournaments seem to be the only topic humans can muster out of their brain this season. I must say, I do understand, as I am a football lover myself! To get this ball rolling, let me introduce myself. My name is Chili Pepper. What a name! I know! Chayen really thinks out of the box when naming her pets. Even so, I am full of energy and spicy, so I’ll accept my name anyways.

The craftsmen at Serena’s Art Factory call me the football player. I love to kick the ball around in this huge space I get to share with other pets of the factory. My kids always tell me to bring it down a notch. In honor of being a football player myself, I am here to introduce Serena’s football sculptures to you! Serena is German, and she loves the FIFA World Cup tournaments. Four years ago, she decided to make football sculptures, and in the end, they were a great success.

This year, the football sculptures are back! Sadly, I won’t be here after the four upcoming years to share some football stories with all you football fanatics out there. I am leaving Serena’s Art Factory, as I am being traded with another goat, but I won’t be killed so don’t panic. I simply cannot mate with the rest of the goats, because they are all my daughters. Regardless, I know you will never forget about me, because you will always think of me when you see something that is football related. Hey, tell me something before I go. Which football team are you a fan of this year?

By Jade Mambre