10th year anniversary from Chichi®

Nov 12, 2018

The 10th of November 2018, Serena Israel celebrated the 10th year anniversary from Chichi® with all the hard working Chichi® painters and the Minister of welfare from Curaçao.

This event was specially given for everybody who took part in the growth of Chichi® the past 10 years. They celebrated this special moment by motivational speeches by some of the painters and ate and drink a lot of sweet beverages.

But no worries, Chichi® Curaçao will celebrate even more in the coming new year with radio quizzes and exhibitions where everybody can take part in! In addition, Chichi Curaçao has from now on a new commercial which was introduced the same beautiful evening.

If you have not seen the new commercial yet, you should! Chichis® team proudly presents.