Our painters

#14 Xiomaraha Balentin

–          born in 1953 in Curaçao

“I am painting Chichi®s since 2010. At first I painted together with my daughter.

When she went to Holland I made the decision to keep painting without her. Serena helps me out and prints sometimes inspirational papers for me. I bought painting books and trained a lot as well. It hasn´t always been easy: At one point, burglars broke into our home and they took a lot of our stuff. They also took my computer which I used often to look up different things to get inspired.

It feels great to paint and I am always happy when I get untouched sculptures to start all over again. We made a special place at our home where I can sit and paint. In my free time I go to bible study and you will often find me in church.’’

Let me know how you like my work