Our painters

#15 Betsabeth Frerrales Cambara

–          born in 1998 in Havana, Cuba

”I was born in the capital of Cuba and at the age of 16 I came to Curaçao.

I am painting Chichi®s already since 2011, to help out my parents. It’s all the different cultures on Curaçao which inspire me, also the beaches, colorful houses on the Handelskade, Kunuku houses and spectacular nature with its cacti around the island.

I love painting and it feels very good when I sit outside on the terrace. The light there is great, which is a good help to see a painting come to life.

I wish I could keep all those ones I have painted for myself. It’s hard to give them away!

In my spare time I draw graffiti with small pencils, read books and do small sewing work. I like to make my own clothing.”

Let me know how you like my work