Our painters

#17 Vivian Cijntje

–          born in 1950 in Curaçao

I am the mother of Painters #10 Amareliz, #12 Kelly and #26 Jurdarly. I am happy to still be painting Chichi®s since 2011.

I started painting Chichi® because I used to help my children’s with their Chichi®. I started to enjoy painting which ended up me starting to paint my own Chichi®

I usually paint my Chichi® on my bed, it’s the most comfortable spot for me to relax and take my time on my Chichi®s.

My inspiration usually comes from within; sometimes I also get inspiration from walking in our beautiful town and imagine the designs on my Chichi®. It fills me with pride and makes me happy when I see others enjoy my Chichi®s.

My hobby is painting Chichi®. After I come home from work I sweep up my yard, cook and then continue to paint my Chichi®.

I’m very thankful to Serena for giving me this job that I can be hands on with.

Let me know how you like my work