Our painters

#2 Claudina Fransina (Zusje)

born in 1973 in Curaçao

“I have two sons. Since 2008 I am painting Chichi’s® and since 2011 I am working at Serena’s Art Factory currently as production supervisor.

I have my own inspiration. I feel relaxed and get carried away by my thoughts to somewhere else and then the inspiration comes to me. I think that THAT feeling is a requirement to be able to paint.

I have three places where I paint: sometimes in my room, at the dining table or at my mother’s house nicely set up under the tree – which is my favorite place, because my mother inspires me as well. We sit together and talk…sometimes at the same time.

It is not difficult for me to give the Chichi®s ‘away’ after I painted them …I am surrounded by them the whole day. But sometimes when I gave all my love into one of them, it becomes a bit harder to say goodbye.”

Let me know how you like my work