Our painters

#24 Lysandra Ramada

–          born in 1969 in Curaçao

“Since I was a kid I used to love to draw cubes. From those cubes I learned how to draw buildings. And once I mastered that technique I realized that I really enjoy drawing. When it came to art class, my scores went to the roof.

I get inspired by other artists, by looking at their work and thinking how I could expand their idea, which changes I would make or which improvements I would like to see.

At home I paint in how I call it my ‘green room’. It is my project room and I have a desk set up where I do all my paintings. But sometimes, to change things up, I set up a table in the living room as well.

When it is time to hand in the Chichi®s I get very excited. I really hope and pray that they will be liked, not only by the staff at Serena’s Art Factory, but also by the potential customers.

Besides painting, I love to cook. I can spend hours in the kitchen cooking all kinds of yummie foods.”

Let me know how you like my work