Our painters

#28 Marnia Cordeiro

–          born in 1979 in Curacao

“I was born in 1979and am painting Chichi®s since 2014. I only paint Chichi®s when I get a chance.

I travel a lot and get my inspiration from everywhere. The best inspirations for me are my beach towels, combined with the colors under the sea. While painting Chichi®s I feel at peace, no more thoughts about work, pure quietness. That’s also the reason why I would like to keep all the Chichi®s I put all my love into my art. Afterwards I receive great feedback from my colleagues.

I know & love it that my Chichi®s travel all over the world (like I do too) together with their new owners.

Sunbathing on the beach is my favorite thing to do. I often wonder where my Chichi®s travel to after they left my care– Would you like to tell me?”

Let me know how you like my work