Our painters

#29 Ethan Mourillon

–          born in 1977 in Curaçao

“I was born and raised here on the island.I moved to Amsterdam in 2000 and am back since 2010. I did not come back alone. I got married to painter (#22) in Amsterdam and we are now living happily on the island.My husband and I started working as sales representatives for Serena’s Art Factory in the Punda shop and since we are such curious people we painted a Chichi® as a tryout and Serena liked it. Since October 2015 I am a painter and my Chichi®s are selling like hot-dogs at a ballpark. Since it was never my intention to be a painter, I do it outside the shop in Punda in, how I call it ‘my coffee corner’. I love it since I feel like being on the red carpet at the Golden Globe awards…lots of camera’s filming and pictures are taken (‘paparazzis’) by the tourists when they pass by in the alley while I paint.  I have no problem saying goodbye to my Chichi®s. The complete opposite….. I am happy because my Chichi® is going to a caring and loving home.”

Let me know how you like my work