Our painters

#34 Esther Caprino

–          born in 1969 in Paramribo, Suriname

”My music is the main source where I get my inspiration from.

I have always loved crafting. Using my hands and head to create, is something that has always been a part of me. At first I just had to figure out how. My journey to discovering who I am as an artist started out with painting, after I had given it a lot of thoughts. Painting allows me to explore what potential I have. This is why I try out different styles every time.

While I’m painting I feel like a small Child, filled with enthusiasm and curiosity. After my work is done, I am often astonished at what I have accomplished.

I don’t paint the whole day. I have other hobbies as well like gardening, swimming and making furniture out of pallets.

At one point in my life I have decided to go in search of my own bliss and to follow that. To find something that makes ME happy. Painting and being creative is a part of that journey”

Let me know how you like my work