Our painters

#36 Kyra Nelson

–          born in 1979 in Curaçao

“My name is Kyra and I am part of the Chichi®-Family since February 2016.

I paint in my living room under the watchful eyes of my Mom and my pets. I have cats and dogs but I’m not going to tell how many.

I try to think what the tourist would like as a souvenir, than I translate that into a painting. Serena provides us with workshops as well, that also gives me new ideasto decorate a Chichi® with.

I started painting Chichi®s because my cousin thought I had some painting skills. She is number #43. I think it’s a big honor to be part of this big Chichi® family.

I fall into a relaxing mode when I am painting Chichi®s and I feel a kind of excitement that I will make someone happy with my creations.

My other hobbies are surfing the internet and playing music. I can proudly say that I can play different instruments. Like the guitar, bass, electric guitar, drums, quarta and piano.”

Let me know how you like my work