Our painters

#37 Patricia  Becerra Trujillo

born in 1964 in Colombia

“My name is Patricia, a single mother of 2 kids. Besides being a painter, I work in child daycare and teach Arts and crafts to kids from age 1-4.
Arts and crafts are in my blood. My mother and father both excelled in this area and they taught me most of the things I know. At the age of 10, I would say that I started to call myself an artist.
My inspiration when it comes to painting a Chichi® comes from what I would like to see on a Chichi® if I was the one buying it. Flowers, abstract shapes, landscapes…anything that comes to mind at that moment really as long as it is bright and cheerful and very colorful. Preferably with a touch of the local culture.
I would like the person who buys one of the Chichi®s I have painted, to feel the emotion I felt when I was busy painting.
It fills me with joy when I see that someone around the world has posted a picture of a Chichi® I painted on social media. It makes me feel really proud of my work and gives me satisfaction as well.
My motto is: If you’re going to do something, make sure you do the best you can do. This is something I have taught my kids. My son is a tattoo artist. At first I was afraid of his choice since tattooing was kind of a taboo and frowned upon by society. But I have come to understand that tattooing is also a form of art and that my son was expressing himself through his work. I am proud to say that he is one of the best tattoo artists that exist.”

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