Our painters

#43 Indra De Baerdemaekerd

– born in 1984 in Curaçao

“After living in Holland for about 13 years I thought it was time to come back to my Island.

My inspiration comes from many sources. I look them up online, but also my family gives me ideas. I often get calls and messages from my cousins, telling me they have a new idea for a design.

At home I use my mom’s old sewing table which stands in my sister’s room to paint. I have been painting all my life so it’s something that comes to me naturally.

I don’t feel sad when I have to hand in my Chichi®s… I am mostly curious what Zusje(#2) and Serena think of my designs.

In my spare time I make Belly Casts (that’s a plaster print of a pregnant lady’s growing belly), I blog, and I love to watch series.”

Let me know how you like my work