Our painters

#44 Urvaline Firma

–          born in 1974 in Curaçao

“I it feels like I am painting Chichi®s for a lifetime by now.

As a mother of 5 I can honestly say that the income I get from my painting skills is very welcome. I love painting and I have been doing it since I was a small girl. Everything I see around me can inspire me. It could be a nice dress someone is wearing or a beautiful picture in a magazine.Even nature gives me great ideas sometimes.

Usually I sit at my kitchen table to paint. My kids love to watch me paint. One of my daughters have helped me paint Chichi®s before. She also has talent and when she gets older she would love to join the team of painters.

When the time comes to hand in my Chichi®s, it feels like sweet sorrow. I love the sculptures but I know they are meant to bring joy and happiness to other people as well. I feel proud that my talent brings a smile on someone’s face.”

Let me know how you like my work