Our painters

#49 Shayron Fransina

–          born in 1993 in Curaçao

“My name is Shayron and I worked at Serena’s Art Factory for quite some time. I am the father of a beautiful boy and I am the son of Zusje Fransina (#2), the manager at the factory.
Already when I was small I discovered that I had a talent for drawing and I have developed my skills throughout the years.
My inspiration comes from all around me. Both TV and internet are also great sources for new ideas. But I paint anything that comes to mind. Because I like to paint so much, it is easy for me. I love painting flowers and houses, but to be honest I can paint just anything.
At home I usually sit in an office to paint. When it is time for me to hand in my Chichi®s I get a bit emotional. But then I remind myself that my work will decorate someone else’s home and that makes me feel proud.
Something about me that no one really knows is that I love to dance on the weekends. I also play soccer and baseball.”

Let me know how you like my work