Our painters

#5 Janni van Baren

–          born in 1949 in Den Haag, the Netherlands

“I love taking care of my family.Since 2008 I am painting Chichi®s for Serena. I get inspired by all the nice things around me. I find myself looking for patterns of a dress or when I see a lady passing by in the supermarket I pay extra attention to what she is wearing. I also enjoy looking at magazines for new ideas, or check the internet and observe the flowers in Serena’s garden. In general, when you start painting, everything can be an inspiration!

I enjoy swimming, meeting up with friends and I was always interested in crafts, reading and drawing.

I have no specific feeling when I paint – I simply find it very relaxing. But it can hurt a little when you have to part with the art which you have just created! Sometimes I wish I could have them all standing at my home. Hopefully people will recognize my style and I always enjoy it when people are sending me pictures of the Chichi®s I have painted. That way I find out about their new homes!”

Let me know how you like my work