Our painters

#50 Carmen Gutierez de la Hos

born 1959 in Columbia


“My name is Carmen and I am painting Chichi®ssince 2013. I am part of the Serena’s art Factory creative hands team and my job is to keep the factory spotless. I am Colombian, married, have 2 great and wonderful kids.

I am a Christian woman and I believe that my inspiration comes from God. Flowers, landscapes, fruits…I love to paint it all. Whatever comes to my mind in the moment I am painting, I thank God for it. Usually I sit outside on my porch to paint. The wind is pleasant and the view is also inspiring.

When it is time to hand in my work I pray to God that the ones who are checking my work like it. I love working here at the Factory together with my colleagues. I enjoy it every day.”

Let me know how you like my work