Our painters

#55 Ineke van Riemsdijk

born in 1968 in Opijnen, The Netherlands

”I live in Curacao since 2000, I am a single mom and very happy with my daughter Megan.

I lived for a couple of years next to Serena’s Art Factory and was a salesperson for  Chichi’s in a shop in Riffort. I know that the people who buy the Chichi like the story behind the sculpture,  the social aspect of the company , they want to met Serena and  they are interested to know  painted their Chichi.

I started painting Chichi’s by myself mainly red with white dots because people love them and asked for them in the collection. I personality love and black and white/zebra print a lot so I added them to my design list .

Sometimes there was no space in mine live for painting, but I am very happy that Serena always support me to try to pick up the painting again. And now I know that painting Chichi’s is not only nice to do but it helps me to get my mind free.

Now I paint in my own created atelier, where my daughter Megan has her own space to do her homework and when I paint our dog Molly is next to my feet…..yes that makes me happy in life!”

Let me know how you like my work