Our painters

#59 José Verkerk

– born 1956 in Den Helder, Netherlands





”I almost spend my whole childhood in Aruba and Curaçao, I love it so much that I always want to go back to these islands!

I always have adored children and therefore I was a teacher for almost 15 years in my beloved island, Curaçao. I love to see the children growing up and gaining knowledge! Since 2017 I am a retired teacher.
I started painting Chichis® at April 24th, 2018. In the beginning it was difficult to have all painter’s methods under control and it was also not easy to give them back to Serena when they were finally finished. Now it’s going very well and it is very relaxing to paint.
I have a painting place outside in the yard. I paint flowers and leaves.
My 6 years old niece sometimes gives my advice about the colours when I do have less inspiration. I enjoy doing this. I make pictures of all my work and then print the pictures, so I can always look back and reflect on my work. Sometimes I even use them as inspiration for my next work! I live on the ‘’lower’’ part of Curacao and this is the reason why I deliver my Chichis® every two weeks! I do not like driving for too long and that far.”

Let me know how you like my work