Our painters

#62 Jennepher Daal

Born in 1991 in Curaçao

Hello Chichi fans, I am glad to introduce myself to you. I was born in Curaçao and in my youth my interests started to grow for painting and handcrafting at the age of 6.

I studied architecture at MTS Curacao, but I didn’t finish it. I would like to go back and finish my studies and find a job so that my husband and my two beautiful children can be proud of me and still be able to continue painting Chichi sculptures in my spare time. 

It is through the internet I get most of my inspirations, my painted Chichi sculptures have a Caribbean accent. Such as birds, cactus, palm trees, Curaçao historic houses and geckos.

By getting inspired on the internet I usually start painting my Chichi on the terrace of my house, later at night I continue at a table in the kitchen when I’m sure the kids are in bed.

When I return my painted Chichi sculptures to the atelier of Serena’s Art Factory, I always think they leave the store so quickly, because the customers find my artistic work particularly beautiful and attractive.

Do you know that I have hidden talents that I didn’t even know I was so blessed with? I can braid dreadlocks. I once did a wall decoration for my children’s room and everyone who saw that was surprised at the artwork I did for them.

If I am not painting Chichi sculptures then I am occupied with my two lovely children, my son and my daughter. They are everything to me.

Let me know how you like my work