Our painters

#65 Luigino Rofina

born in 1987 in Curaçao

I like to challenge and better myself. I like to be creative since I have to much free time. I’m always asking myself how I can do different and show the children to choose the good path. My mom is a legend and a big inspiration for me, she is known as Tante Loop and she appeared on “Obra di man” the television series.
Painting is in my blood and painting Chichi® is like therapy for me.
It is a positive feeling and lets me think on how I could be doing better. I love to use soft pastel colors and to paint flowers to attract people. It feels good to be accepted by Serena’s art factory and their workers and to respect the rules of their brand. We here want to make a positive change as there is allot of people talk negative. I strive to change the negative thinking to a more positive way.

Let me know how you like my work