Our painters

#71 Angela Richardson Delprado

–          born in Suriname

My name is Angela Richardson Delprado born in Suriname and I am 55 years old. I am married and have 3 children. I have been painting Chichi®’s since 2019, I have always been able to paint well, but I did not pay attention to these qualities. I also liked the Chichi®’s very much, but I didn’t know how they were made and that I could be eligible to paint them. After an email I was invited for a Chichi® painter course.

Everyone asks me where I get my inspiration from … I get inspired by looking around a lot; take note of my surroundings and take pictures of it. Sometimes I am working on 6 Chichi®’s at the same time. I suddenly get inspiration for one of them and then for the other one. I have noticed that I am not so good at graphic figures. That’s why I prefer to paint Flamingos and flowers.

The first months I painted at the dining table, but now that the children have left the house, I have decorated my own room to paint in. On my way to Serena’a Art Factory, when I hand in the painted Chichi®’s, I am always very curious what new Chichi®’s I will get.

I also love football; I drove to France to watch football. I am also an assistant coach of the football club in Willemstad. If I don’t paint Chichi®’s, I’m also creative with shells, driftwood and sea glass.

Let me know how you like my work