Our painters

#75 Nicole Dookie

–          born in 1996 in Guyana

My Name is Nicole Dookie. I am the production manager at Serena Art Factory. I also lead the workshops, retouch, place felt and lots more to make your beloved Chichi’s® ready for sale. Now I am also an official Chichi® painter with number #75.

I love painting and working at Serena Art Factory. I am a very bright student and have studied various things, but I have found my true passion in painting and working here.

I am a young mom of 2 kids, whom I love so much. My kids love watching me paint, and it inspires me even more. I like to sit outside in the open and paint. Often when it is night I will sit at the dining table and paint. I love the idea that I can display my creativity on the Chichi®, which is easy and relaxing for me.

I don’t find it difficult to give my painted Chichi’s® away, actually I feel proud to show what I have painted. Not only that, I also like it when my colleagues can tell me how to improve my skills or which Chichi® they really liked. Furthermore, I am usually in the store and feel happy that my Chichi® makes someone else happy and will find a nice home.

Let me know how you like my work