Our painters

#78 Junaizy Velder Polonius

–          born in 1986 in Curaçao

I am painting Chichi’s since 2019, in 2022 I finally got my own number. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic my training took longer than usual. I have one child and work at a Daycare.

Before I painted Chichi’s I was already very creative with handwork in different areas. But I always knew painting is special to me.

The inspiration to paint my Chichi’s come from myself from within. When I hold a Chichi in my hands, I feel the inspiration flowing, I paint from the heart with lots of colors. I rather paint the bigger Chichi’s since the small Chichi’s can be very small to paint all the details on, I need to take my time for that.

I have a special room where I paint. I don’t let anyone in that room, so nothing will happen to my Chichi’s. For me it is very important that all Chichi’s come back intact and beautiful painted. When I return my Chichi’s lots of things go through my mind, I feel emotional. I am a bit nervous and worried too if Serena likes my work and the people would like to buy my Chichi’s. But I trust myself I do good!

Let me know how you like my work