Our painters

#8 Mervinia Lomp

–          born in 1957 in Curaçao

“I am a ‘yu di Korsou!’(I was born in Curaçao), I have one son and one daughter and I am a happy & blessed grandmother.

Serena is family to me. Since 2008 I am painting Chichi®s outside on my porch and I work parttime at the Factory where you will mostly find me under the palapa doing a quality check and placing felt.

It’s easy to forget the world around you when you’re painting. You should try it too! Books, magazines, colorful printouts and dresses let my imagination spin and I come up with new creations.

Sometimes I am so happy and proud of my work – I like to buy it and keep it to myself!’’

Let me know how you like my work