Our painters

#82 Vianella Koenraad

–          born in 1977 in Curaçao

My name is Vianella Koenraad and I am a nail artist by profession. Creativity is in my blood. I have been drawing a lot from a young age. I didn’t choose the easiest assignments, I liked to challenge myself.

I can get my inspiration from everywhere; at home, from nature, on the street, from clothing and via the internet. I like to paint trees and flowers, I can draw these very fine. You will therefore see these more often on my Chichi’s®.

I have created my workplace in my bedroom. There is now a table where I can work quietly. I’m always curious what Serena thinks of my Chichi’s® when I return them. I am very enthusiastic about her explanation of my work. That way I learn something new every time.

Besides my work I love good food, especially a tasty papaya stoba (stew), mmmm


Let me know how you like my work