Our painters

#85 Anne Kippins

– born in 1982 in Guyana

My name is Anne kippins, born in 1982, presently I am not working due to medical issues so basically I have more time on my hands to paint beautiful and unique Chichi’s®. I am a mother of 2 adult children and a proud and happy grandmother of 2 amazing grandkids.

I started painting in March 2022, I didn’t know I had it in me all this time. I can remember that day very clear when I started I was so excited! I wasn’t feeling well my daughter who is Nicole Dookie painter #75 took me to the doctor when we finished I went by her home to rest a bit… She started to paint her own Chichi’s® and I asked her if I can do one and she told me yesss…. well I surprised myself when I was done with it, from that day I knew I wanted to paint too.

Painting has brought a feeling of joy and contentment from within of me it’s so relaxing to my soul. I got inspired by the beautiful colors and combinations. When painting a Chichi® I close my eyes and visualize how I want it to look. I love to paint underwater theme it does take a lot of time and dedication but the end results are always mind blowing so when ever I paint an underwater theme that means I had a lot of time on my hands.

I have a special place at home where I have my painting corner, it’s on my open air porch it’s very windy quite and peaceful, although I do sometimes listen to great music while painting, it just goes faster.

I am always excited to bring in my Chichi’s®, My greatest joy is when Serena herself controls them and tells me how beautiful and unique my Chichi’s® are, it encourages me to be even better.

Somethings about me I would like you all to know: I came to this island (Curaçao) 22 years ago (red 2022). I have a construction and cleaning company. I am a very caring and loving person I love very deep and hard, I believe in people and love them no matter what. I take friendship very seriously I am a very honest and loyal friend. I think everyone is special in their own way and we should never judge another leave that to the creator ❤️

Let me know how you like my work