Our painters

#88 Annemieke Veltink – van der Weerd

– born in 1969 in the Netherlands

My name is Annemieke, married to Klaas. We have 1 son, Han, who is living in the Netherlands since 2019. We have been living and working in Curaçao since 1993. I am born in Kampen, in the Netherlands.

I really like the colors and the light of Curaçao! I really dislike those cloudy days full of rain. Fortunately, that doesn’t happen often here!

Also part of life on Curaçao is saying goodbye. Farewell to family and friends who spend time here for holidays and saying goodbye to our son who now lives in the Netherlands. On the other hand, it is also wonderful to drive to Hato Airport with excitement in your stomach to welcome family and friends!! Fortunately, we also have many dear friends here on Curaçao!

I have been creative all my life. Love to paint and doing ceramics. Since 2 years I also make almost all my clothes myself (with help of a teacher). Further I love to sing and cooking is also a great passion. Painting Chichi’s® is lot’s of fun. We can use all the colors of the rainbow and constantly coming up with new designs is really a great challenge. Handing in the Chichi’s® is always a bit exciting, but also fun because I get tips & tricks to do even better next time.

Let me know how you like my work