Our painters

#89 Rogemia Sambo

– born in 1986 in Curaçao

An artistic greeting from me to you. My name is Rogemia Sambo by profession I am a social worker. Creativity is a gift I have received. Art always piqued my curiosity, at a young age I wanted to draw. At an older age I discovered that I could draw. Being a Chichi® painter is a great challenge to create a memorable piece of art.

My environment is my source of inspiration from love, artist, nature, fabrics to food. My style as a painter is a big splash of bold colors mixed with an abstract sauce on top. I have created an amazing oasis of artwork place to escape, relax and be able to express myself.

When handing in my Chichi’s® I am enthusiastic and curious about what artist Serena has to say. always grateful for her knowledge, wisdom and tips. So that I can strive for continuous improvement.

A fun fact. I am foodie lover: sushi – seafood boil or good soul food (kriyojo) you can wake me up anytime. In my spare time I like to make art with fabric (headwraps ect).