Our painters

#90 Danique Chundro

– born in 1996 in Curaçao

My name is Danique Chundro, born in 1996, and have been painting Chichi’s® since half 2022. I have been interested in painting from a young age. It was one of my biggest hobbies, I spend most of my free time and weekends doing that. Nowadays, besides my study and work, it is still my hobby, but I mainly paint as a stress management and/or relaxation method.

My inspiration doesn’t always come in advance, sometimes it comes when I just started painting (eg the background and gradually in the painting). I actually think this is the coolest way because then the painting comes from my heart and it is usually more ‘lively’ and beautiful. I also get inspiration when I’m in nature, I LOVE the beach and nature!! It gives me peace of mind, inspiration comes from different sides when I am there, just like fireworks. I prefer to paint natural aspects, by this I mean for example the sea, underwater world, flowers, etc. I like flowers the most because I can play with different colors.

I always draw in the living room of my home, that’s where the most light is in the house. I can only do it there, at other places I’m not so focused, or I feel like I can’t express myself enough in what I’m painting.

As already known, I also have to hand in my Chichi’s® every 2 weeks. On that day itself I am always very excited because every time I show something different, Serena and Nicole are always cheering and amazed. This gives you the motivation to further develop your talents.

Finally… Did you know that I have a phobia of iguanas, lizards and geckos? But still I like to draw them with different colors, I feel that they are not ‘real’ anymore and I don’t get a shivering feeling of them.

Let me know how you like my work