Our painters

#74 Miralda Panneflek

– born in Curaçao

I am, Miralda Panneflek, a mother of a girl and boy. They are already grown up and living abroad. I also have one grandchild. I am single and living with my mom and brother on Curaçao. I am taking care of both of them. I work as a private pedicure from home and love to help others with volunteer jobs in my free time.

I am a Chichi® painter since 2019, and love to paint them. It makes me feel ‘Dushi’! That is the Papiamento word for sweet, nice and beloved. I am painting in my bedroom at a little table, my atelier. I always loved art and painting. Ideas come in easily for me. I love to use a lot a color to make people happy. If a Chichi® makes you happy she will be chosen to take home.

I have no problem giving my Chichi’s® away after I painted them. Since I know I will make someone happy with it. It is a great experience and opportunity to join the Chichi® team. Now with my own painter number #74!

Let me know how you like my work