Our painters

#76 Jill Hoogerwerf

–          born in the Netherlands

My name is Jill Hoogerwerf born in 1992 in Delft, the Netherlands. I have lived in Curaçao for almost 1.5 years now (red 2020), together with my friend and two dogs. Last year (2019) my parents came to visit us on Curaçao and we all did the Chichi workshop. I liked it so much that I became curious how to become a Chichi® painter. I then registered myself and was able to participate in the painters training. In September 2020 I have been a painter for one year and I still enjoy doing it.

My ideas for painting are mainly taken from the things I see on the island. The animals, the houses, the color combinations etc. This always gives me a lot of inspiration for new designs. In my spare time, I always enjoy coloring in coloring books for adults. Here I also get a lot of ideas from for certain small decorations that I could also use on the Chichi’s®. I never make exactly the same as from the coloring books, I add something of myself to it, but it does give me inspiration and sometimes a different look at how to paint something.

I usually paint my Chichi’s® in the afternoon. I work as a teacher at a primary school and I am therefore free in the afternoon, I use that time for painting. I have arranged a part of the dining table as my painting spot, where I sit nice and quiet with my favorite TV program on. I can sit there all afternoon painting, sometimes I just forget time. Painting Chichi’s® really gives me relaxation and it is also a way to express myself in a creative way. Sometimes I feel like using a lot of color and focus on that. Another time I feel more like learning something new or painting something as realistic as possible. If I have to describe my style I would say that it is mainly a lot of color, a lot of flowers and a lot of decorations. I hope I can continue to paint Chichi’s® for a long time!


Let me know how you like my work