Laura’s BLOG

Oct 20, 2017

HI everyone!

Let me introduce myself. My Name is Laura and believe it or not, I am the Guardian of Serena’s Art Factory. Actually I am her trusty Dog, but I am the one guarding and looking after the birthplace of Chichi Curacao.

See, I have been around for quite some time now. I have seen many many things. I have seen how this Factory was built from the bottom up, I have seen happy tourist, I have seen workshops so full that chairs were being pulled out of all corners of this factory. But I have also seen broken sculptures and a not so happy boss. In other words I have witnessed hardship but I have been part of many wonderful successes as well.
People say that dogs are colorblind, but believe you me when I tell you that I have gotten to know all the colors of the rainbow right here, all the colors of love.
And because of that, even though some people might not agree with me, I consider myself to be Chihi’s mom. No one loves her more, know her better or protects her more fiercely, than me.

Lately a lot of things have been happening around The Factory and I thought it would be a great idea to share some of it with the world. Some things I don’t really understand though, and maybe you guys could help clarify things for this loyal servant.

For instance…..last time I checked my schedule, it is only October. But already my boss and her human helpers are fuzzing and buzzing over what I have overheard to be called ‘ THE CHRISTMAS STOCK’.
As Far as I am concerned, Christmas till the end of December right? So why are they so concerned and happy about this period already? I just don’t understand!

All of last year’s stock is being taken out of storage, dusted, retouched and made ready to sell. Brainstorming sessions all over the place to come up with new and fun items to sell to the public. Santa Chichis left and right. Christmas balls rolling over the floor and even Christmas songs can be heard all over The Factory. I heard someone say that the music helps them think in Christmas Colors.

Nativity scenes are being built, the three wise men are getting their garments painted and even Baby Jesus is already being pampered with new clothing and a new crib. Oh and another funny item. Snowflakes! I have never ever seen a real snowflake on Curacao, but apparently they are a very cute and adorable thing to hang in a Christmas tree.

Please don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy the vibe around this place. And these days I enjoy it even more. There is something special about having smiling and singing humans around you all day….. All of this and Christmas is a couple of months away. I don’t really understand this. Do you?


2021, Thank you Laura you will stay in our hearts forever