BLOG: A Chichi Workshop through the Eyes of a Bananaquit

Feb 27, 2018

On February 15th, 2018, I decided to visit the Chichi® Punda Shop and have a peek from behind a shrub to see what’s going on. It’s where I often find sugar that, as you may or may not know, I am quite fond of. That day, I witnessed a creative event, which I will tell you more about after I introduce myself to you. I am a Bananaquit (Dutch: Suikerdiefje/ Papiamentu: Barika Hel), a popular bird species here in Curaçao that is considerably obsessed with sugar. Birds my kind would never turn down the opportunity to enjoy some sugar people put out for us. Thanks to the sugar I was there to witness a creative outburst.

At the Chichi® Punda Shop, many Chichi® sculptures are constantly displayed, looked at and bought by tourists. On Thursday around six o’clock something special happened. Six tourists were painting these sculptures in an alley called the Art Alley in the city, Punda. A lot of people seem to love the Chichi® dolls. I can’t tell you how often I heard people saying phrases like “Oh, look, you’re painting!”, “You can paint your own souvenir!” and “How beautiful!” There was no one who didn’t stop to admire what the tourists were creating during the workshop.

People from everywhere visit Willemstad, Punda and the Chichi Punda Shop®. A couple that was painting said they came from Austen, Texas, but originally they are from New Orleans! Some of the tourists were painting the Chichi® sculptures for themselves, while others were painting them to gift their family and friends! All of the sculptures were painted differently. Humans can really display their imagination through painting. I saw different brush strokes, thin ones and broad sweeping strokes. Plus different shapes like dots, spirals and flowers I almost took some nectar from! Believe me when I say it was an outburst of creativity! The Chichis® were beautifully coated. When will you visit and paint yours?

Jade Mambre