Travel the east of Curaçao with Snowy the chicken

Aug 2, 2018

I am Snowy! What a bizarre name for a chicken like me living on a sunny island like Curaçao, don’t you think? Maybe they confused me with a Canadian snowbird, who knows! I know for a fact that I am a yiu di Kòrsou, and the east of Curaçao is my hood. It has been my home since as long as I can remember. I hatched here, and it’s where I found many art treasures, sports and of course so many different birds. Come along and travel with me to see the highlights of the east. Welcome to my paradise!

Touring this area is how I met all my buddies around here. I traveled all the way across the hot soil of the Aloe Vera Plantation. It’s where I saw many fast flying birds called hummingbirds. The beautiful flower of the aloe vera plant is what attracts them to the plantation. Right around the plantation is where they lay their tiny jelly bean sized eggs. My exploration and curiosity brought me to Serena’s Art Factory, where all the Chichi® sculptures are made. It is definitely my highlight of the area. I often explore their artistic garden, which is the perfect place to lay my eggs. That’s why I decided to stay. I love hiding behind the shrubs to peek into their shop to feel the power of color.

I’m pals with even the ostriches at the Ostrich Farm. They are the largest birds on earth, they cannot fly, and their eggs are about 8 times bigger than those of mine. If you ever wish for an introduction, I’m your girl! I am very fond of the east side especially because of the quails I hear chirping. They are the busy ground-nesting birds around here that constantly cross the street back and forth! I can’t even have a conversation with them. As I kept touring the area, I reached Sint Joris Baai where I had such great adventures and amazing kitesurfing views while being surrounded by many mangrove trees and saltwater resistant vegetation. Sint Joris Baai is the spot for the cool birds, the caracara cheriway, a bird of prey also known as warawara here in Curaçao. The top of cactuses are their favorite hangout. I once tried to get on top of a cactus to have a chat with them, but I failed terribly as I cannot even fly! The strong wind almost blew me away! Well, I hope you enjoyed traveling the east with me. Now, tell me which bird is your favorite? You better say I am!

Text by: Jade Mambre