All About Bubu with Cappoccina de la Reina

Aug 14, 2018

Bon bini, welcome to the Chichi ® pet’s blog! My name is Cappoccina de la Reina, but you can call me Capa, as my name is a mouthful! Blame that on my owner, Chayen! I am a very energetic horse, but not just a horse, a Paso Fino horse. Oh yes! Getting dirty is not my thing, and I am not a charmer like my big brother, Dakota. He’s the prince, but of course, I am the queen! The Paso Fino is a Latin breed and has been imported from Spain to the Caribbean. I was born a queen, as from birth I could perform the perfect four beat rhythm my breed is famous for. Now that I’m 3 years old and looking fabulous, I can do it perfectly, just like a Queen! Other than a total diva like me, I am sure you’ve seen or heard about the bubu sculptures.

I mean, what’s a bubu without a chichi, right? Bubu is the Papiamentu word for big brother. It’s the name given to the first born male in a family on Curaçao. There are so many bubus at Serena’s Art Factory like Michael, Serena’s husband who is the first born of 11 children, Cleton the gardener, the handyman and Christopher the intern who works in the plaster atelier. I told you they are many! Even my big brother, Dakota is a bubu, Crazy right?

Many tourists that visit the factory mention that they are also either a chichi or a bubu. So, many people can relate to these loving terms, even the workers at Serena’s Art Factory. That’s why the workers at the factory make a strong team, as the team includes both genders that work hand in hand. Now it’s time for the revelation we have all been waiting for… the pets and the workers at Serena’s Art Factory are dying to know if you are a chichi or a bubu. Tell us!

Text by Jade Mambre