Painters monday!

Nov 25, 2019

We would like to happily introduce you to our Chichi painter, Painter#47, Sue Ann Klaber.
Sue saw an ad on Face Book about our Chichi® Workshop and wanted to book a spot for her sisters, mother and herself. After a bit of procrastinating on actually joining the workshop, a family member from New York informed her about the Chichi® again.
Once she heard we where looking for painters, she signed up right away.

Sue usually get her inspiration from everywhere around her, when she sees something she likes or thinks she can recreate on the form of Chichi®. She likes to take pictures to use them later.

Sue doesn’t paint her Chichi® with an outfit she would never wear herself, she wants everyone to know when they buy her Chichi®, how much love and thought went into the painting.

You can usually find Sue painting her Chichi® at her mother’s dining table.
She keeps all her supplies neatly in a box, which she takes everywhere with her. Sue can even be found painting on her mother’s bed or in the car.

Sue strives for perfection, her artwork is never done in her eyes as there is always something she can improve or make better. She also thinks that the tiny imperfections make her creations unique and perfect in their own way.

When she isn’t painting, you can find Sue writing poems or baking in her kitchen.

Thanks for all your hard work Sue!