Painters monday!

Nov 18, 2019

We would like to happily introduce you to our Chichi painter, Painter#46, Milange Gijsbertha.
Milange is the proud mother of 5 childrens. She has been a Chichi® painter since 2016! Her mother, Joyceline, is also a Chichi® painter!

Milange has been painting since her childhood, it was her mother that got her interested in the Chichi® sculptures.

Her inspiration comes from all around her, such as her kids or her surroundings. Even her mood can influence how she paints.
Milange usually paints her Chichi® on a special table in her living room.

Milange has no problems handing in her Chichi®. She enjoys the feedback she gets and trying out the tips and tricks Zusje and Serena give her.
Besides painting she loves to dance! She likes to dance to any music, but her favorite kind is Reggeaton.

She might be a bit of a Butterfingers, as she often drops her Chichi® and break an arm or leg. She tries really hard to not let them fall, but she is clumsy like that.

Best wishes Milange!