Chichi® dives into the blue

We are all aware that Curaçao is beautiful above 🏝️ and under water 🤿. Therefore GO WEST Diving Curacao, Curacao Dreams Travel & Tours & Serena’s Art Factory bundled their forces and made Chichi® an underwater attraction as well! Schedule your dive today and bring her a visit, soon you will see the coral growing on this underwater Chichi®.
She can be found a little north west of Playa Kalki at the Alice in Wonderland Reef, next door to the dive shop of Go West Diving Curaçao. She is sitting there with her arms wide-open facing the blue, ready to receive all divers and snorkelers.
Thank you all for your support to reach this milestone and also a big thank you to Naturepicsfilms for these great underwater recordings. Special thanks to our friends from @Curacao Dream /Patrick Dewitz and Sevi to film 🎥 and edited the movie👍🏽❤️. Also a big thank you to the divers helping us putting her at the right place and to

Ocean Encounters & B Diving & Watersports Curacao for lending us the lifting bags.
Together 💪 we are one! Thank you, enjoy her 🇨🇼 💙💛