Reveal of XXXL Chichi®

Story behind this sculpture

2020 was a year to remember, nobody saw it coming, we were all hit by COVID-19. Due to the travel restrictions Curaçao also had to deal with a decrease of income which affected lots of businesses depending on tourism, also our company, Serena’s Art Factory. To keep our company afloat and our painters painting we started among other things a crowdfunding with this sculpture as the result.

Individuals and companies could buy illustrations for 1 naf (0,50 Euro cent) per cm². In return we posted their names or logo on this board on the same spot as where we painted the illustration of their choice. During this crowdfunding we painted more than 155 illustrations and reached 70% of our targeted goal.

Another goal of our crowdfunding was to make people aware of all the beauty Curaçao has to offer. Not only the illustrations we painted are showing that, but we also travelled around the Island, we have visited and painted at 13 locations to finish her at our own (14th) location Serena’s Art Factory.

This Crowdfunding project was a journey to remember. It gave us so much joy to travel with this XXXL Chichi®. We met so many pleasant new people and are very thankful for all the people believing in us. Thanks to all the names and companies mentioned on board next to Chichi® we could realize this Artwork!

Due to the success of this crowdfunding Serena’s Art Factory got over the impact of the COVID pandemic, we have 40 painters who are actively painting Chichi’s® again. And we were able to train and hire new painters and production staff:
7 Painters successfully finished their training
24 Painters are in training with payment
10 Production staff members were hired

On August 18, 2022 she was revealed in Punda and is now there for everyone to see. We are sure her picture will travel the world on Social Media. Feel free to share yours with us @chichicuracao on Instagram or Facebook