Art for the Roses

Mar 22, 2023

Together with Landhuis Bloemhof, Ride for the Roses organized an Art Auction. This special Art Auction & Dinner found place last Saturday, March 18th, hosted by Dimitri Cloose and Michèle Russel-Capriles.

Serena climbed the stage to try to get even more for our XL Chichi®. We are really proud and thankful we could support Ride for the Roses with an amount of 4.500 naf. Serena’s Art Factory donated this whole amount to Ride for the Roses to support cancer patients and their families.

About the Artwork:
This XL Chichi® is the first model in this size, it is a true collector’s item since these models are no longer in production. This model is designed in 2008, including this one there are only three left for sale.

Chichi’s with hair rollers are called Shawawa’s. In the olden days ‘Shawawa’ was the nickname for a woman walking in public with hair rollers. If you see a lady walking with hair rollers, you can be sure she has a date later that day. We want to thank the organization for a successful evening and wish the new owner lots of joy with this piece of Art.