Curaçao with Children

Last month we had the honor to welcome Hotel scout and author Vanessa Bujak with her family to our workshop. She was on the island by invitation of the Curacao Tourist Board to make an article about her experience to travel to Curacao with Children. Her conclusion: CURAÇAO: PERFECT LONG-HAUL DESTINATION WITH CHILDREN.

This is what she wrote about our workshop:

Chichi Workshop – Fun in the Open-Air Studio for the Whole Family
You’ll encounter them everywhere on Curaçao: Chichi’s. These colorful female figures, originally designed by artist Serena Janet Israel (originally from Berlin), with their sensual curves, come in all colors and sizes in souvenir shops. However, we recommend visiting one of the workshops at Serena’s Art Factory in the countryside and creating your own Chichi’s there. By the way, Chichi is the oldest sister of a family in Papiamentu, who takes care of everyone (which I personally found particularly lovely as the oldest sister in my family 😉).

The art workshop at Serena’s Art Factory was a family highlight.

To read her whole article (in German) click here.

*Photo credits: Vanessa Bujak