Our painters

#18 Chanella Rosalia

–          born in 1964 in Curaçao

“Iam currently working at the local energy company, ‘Aqualectra’.

I am painting Chichi®s since 2012. I get my inspiration from magazines, color trends and trying new color combinations. I also check my surroundings for ideas.

I met Serena on an arts and crafts market and she invited me to come over and paint Chichi®s. I made myself a special painting room where I paint. In this room I feel relaxed, at ease and I can express my creativity.

In the beginning it was very difficult to give my painted Chichi®s away. Later I felt good to see them in the shops and when they are sold, it is very satisfying. I also like to do other creative things, especially during the Christmas period. In my spare time I read books, love swimming and go to the gym.”

Let me know how you like my work