Our painters

#42 Jade Calvenhoven

– born in 1983 in Curaçao


”I am a mother of a lovely boy. I have been working at Serena’s Art Factory since the spring of 2015.When the sculptures come out of the moulds, I sand them. After the painters hand in their Chichi®’s I place felt at the bottom of the Chichi®’s. I handle the shop and I also assist Serena during the walk in or private workshops.

I am what you could call a free spirtit and open minded person, who is very much connected with and aware of my surroundings and the univers. My inspiration comes from whithin and also from my favorite music (transmusic). I have a special table in my dining room where I sit and paint. In my spare time I love doing arts & crafts, paint on driftwood, make jewelry and paint my own paintings. I have no problems with letting my Chichi®’s go. I like the idea that every Chichi® gets their own home.”

Let me know how you like my work