Our painters

#42 Jade Calvenhoven

– born in 1983 in Curaçao

I was born in 1983 and have been working at Serena’s Art Factory since the spring of 2015. I am the one who paints most of the custom made orders we get and also the one who makes and paints the wedding couples. I worked with Serena on the XXXL crowdfunding Chichi in Punda and also the XXXL Chichi at the Sandals®️ Resort Hotel. You can sometimes find me in the shop, giving workshops or pouring and retouching Chichi’s as well.

I am what you could call a free spirit and open minded person, connected with the universe. My inspiration comes from within and also from my favorite music (trance music). I have a table outside on my porch where I sit and paint. In my spare time I love doing arts & crafts, reading and doing inner work. I have no problems with letting my Chichi’s®️ go. I love the idea of them going to their forever home.

Let me know how you like my work