Our painters

#69 Nathalie de Haas

born in the Netherlands

My name is Nathalie born in 1973. I live together with my boyfriend Ely and we have a son. Since May 2005 I live in Curaçao! This was for half a year, but I lost my heart to this Island and stayed here.

In February 2019 I did the Chichi®-painters course and got in touch with Serena to paint for her. Since then, I have been able to paint almost all types.

I have been creative all my life, I was always drawing at home. I have done a study in advertising / store display. And now I am working in Sales & Administration.

I get my inspiration from the internet and from the things I see on Curaçao. I like to paint palm trees and flowers with a lot of color. I prefer to be in the living room when I paint. When I deliver the painted Chichi®’s I always like to see the reactions to my Chichi®’s.

My motto for life is; a day without laughter is a day wasted, on dushi Korsou!

Let me know how you like my work