Our painters

#69 Nathalie de Haas

born in the Netherlands

My name is Nathalie born in 1973. I live together with my boyfriend Ely and we have a son. Since May 2005 I live in Curaçao! This was for half a year, but I lost my heart to this Island and stayed here.

After being allowed to live on dushi Curaçao for 15 years, I moved to the Netherlands with pain in my heart with my husband and son.

Sometimes there are decisions in life that have to be made and moving to Curaçao was one of the best. I look back on a beautiful and pleasant time where I can rightly say that I have gained a family!
I will never forget this wonderful island and will certainly return one day.

For now my Dushi Curaçao you are doing well. Mi ta stimabo ❤️💙🇨🇼🌴



In February 2019 I did the Chichi®-painters course and got in touch with Serena to paint for her. Since then, I have been able to paint almost all types.

I have been creative all my life, I was always drawing at home. I have done a study in advertising / store display. And now I am working in Sales & Administration.

I get my inspiration from the internet and from the things I see on Curaçao. I like to paint palm trees and flowers with a lot of color. I prefer to be in the living room when I paint. When I deliver the painted Chichi®’s I always like to see the reactions to my Chichi®’s.

My motto for life is; a day without laughter is a day wasted, on dushi Korsou!

Let me know how you like my work