Our painters

#72 Sulienne Volk-Wawoe

– born in Curaçao

My name is Sulienne born in 1985, I have two children, a Girl and a Boy. As a kid I was always drawing and painting, it is my favorite thing to do. I was painting cartoons, houses, nature and fashion. On requests I also make family portraits. I am able to draw clothing patterns as well; I make clothes for my own family; drawing and sewing myself.

I get my inspiration from all around me. I will see little details in daily life what other people might not notice and I use those details in my paintings. My favorite thing to paint is iguanas. You will find Chichi’s from my hand with iguanas on it. I also like to paint the Handelskade, the Flag of Curaçao and the sea. I always try to paint something different; I want every Chichi to be unique. I also give my creations names, I named my last Bubu’s (Male version of Chichi) after the Island’s of the Dutch Caribbean (Bonaire, Sint Eustatius, Saba, Aruba & St Maarten).

I paint the Chichi’s at home, outside on our balcony, I really like the fresh air. When I start in the morning I will play Gospel music in the background.

Unfortunately I stopped painting Chichi’s as of March 2020 since I moved to Atlanta, USA. But for sure I will keep on painting and drawing! Hope you enjoy my Chichi’s that are already out there.

Let me know who you like my work